Delivering enterprise ready end-to-end IoT solutions throughout Africa

We are proud to announce that MVN-X has partnered with the Propella Business Incubator.

Propella assists Entrepreneurs and Businesses with the development of prototypes and the commercialization thereof.

Together, we intend pushing the boundaries of technology advancement, with the purpose of creating digital traceability and visibility solutions within supply chains, giving the African market a global advantage.

With our new system, you can get connected to almost anything, from anywhere.

We have collaborated to develop both the hardware and software technology platforms, for showcasing a demonstration project that collects, monitors and analyses data in real-time. All metrics are displayed via a remote dashboard.

The electronic platforms, sensors and actuators collect data, transmit data, analyse data, and feed back to devices which actuate responses, when certain parameters are out of control.

Our development leverages pre-existing global network infrastructure, and as a result, this panel can track any variable from anywhere in the world, with the benefit of being adaptable enough to take to market almost immediately.

We have implemented a “single wallet” system, whereby all your SIM cards work off one bulk data purchase. This low-cost communication platform is integrated into the overall solution.


Although we have conceptually applied this system within the poultry and fresh produce industry, this infrastructure can be used in any trade where traceability and visibility promotes competitive edge.

Practical solutions would include the monitoring and control of chemical parameters in pools, ponds and aquaculture ventures, the position of livestock, the environmental status of agricultural environments and the organic supply chain of consumer products etc. The possibilities are infinite.

The demo egg production system monitors the geo-location; temperature; air-flow, humidity; barometric pressure, CO2 levels, Volatiles, light and water pump status. These are all key parameters that need to be controlled to ensure the productive output of any such facility.

These variables are monitored, with an easily accessible dashboard, alerts being sent out when key parameters are being encroached, or when any intervention is required. These remote notifications mean that producers are always kept in the loop, with the power to control their machinery from any location, – together with implementing automated responses.

This innovative technology ties in with The Internet of Things Forum Africa Exhibition (IoT) between 26 – 27 March 2019 at Gallagher Convention Centre in Johannesburg.

Simply put, IoT aims to take everything we do and put it online – so we can integrate technology on a mass scale. (

The Internet of Things is technology’s flagship event, held globally, bringing together key industries in order to use technology, connectivity and innovation to improve the way we live.