What we do

MVN-X will enable your business to launch into the mobile network space and together achieve success in your very own branded Mobile Network. Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) is a wireless communications service provider that runs on top of existing licensed networks, it offers its own branded sim, together with mobile voice and data services to its customers and can set its own mobile retail pricing structure.

MVNOs can focus on their own niche target markets, they also work independently of mobile network operators (MNOs) and MVNOs can also implement specific marketing to target consumer/ business groups where there is brand affinity , loyalty or existing clients and distribution.

What we offer

Financial Modelling and Business Case Preparation

Our Financial Management division ensures prudent accounting and critical processes in developing a business model, allowing strong preparation to successfully launch your MVNO.

Inbound Customer Care

Management of the overall customer interface that encompasses the inbound call centre, front office and customer liaison divisions.

Warehouse, Procurement and Logistics Services

We provide a thorough turnkey solution that includes full logistics and warehousing for SIM cards and mobile devices, from the manufacturer provisions through to customer delivery.

Wholesale Agreement

We facilitate the link between retailers and the networks and are able to fast track agreements in establishing MVNOs, as well as provide holistic and integrated service solutions.

Market Strategy and Product Creation

We provide full product development, from identifying initial market opportunities to communication throughout the customer lifecycle and upgrades to ensure continuous and new business.

Subscriber Accounting Services

Leading and managing activities of accounting services, debtor’s management, customer administration and billings to ensure that the risk to the company is minimised and service is maintained.

Credit Vetting and Collections Services

All credit vetting processes and collections relating to the subscriber base is managed to mitigate risk to the company. This includes service level quality maintenance and minimising bad debt.

Activation, Billing, CRM Platform Services and IT Operations

Billing processes are managed through custom software solutions, with supplementary activation, migration, fraud, voucher, device, fault reporting and porting support services available.